pyArchInit: Python (and more) for Archaeology

Ten days ago Luca Mandolesi released his pyArchInit QGIS plugin. pyArchInit is a free/open source tool for the management of excavation data (compatible with Italian ICCD standard record sheets), that integrates itself inside the QGIS environment and gives you a highly portable system designed by an archaeologist for his daily work in rescue excavations. pyArchInit was presented at the last workshop on archaeology and free/open source software in Rome, you can see Luca’s presentation here. There’s also a dedicated mailing list for those who need help and support. I am very satisfied with pyArchInit being released, also because I was at some extent involved in convincing Luca that this way the way to go, while I was trying to provide Francesco de Virgilio with an answer to his quest for a free/open source recording system. This is very good news in the end, even though it might sound mostly interesting for an Italian audience (which isn’t obviously the case, pyArchInit has already been covered by the IdeArk spanish blog).