Recent News in Open Access Archaeology

Lots of archaeological news these days in Open Access News, the primary collector of Open Access related information and discussion. This is probably a direct consequence of the rapid advancements in the field. My main hope now is that established journals begin moving to OA, especially academy-based ones (i.e. journals that are not tied to a publisher but are published directly by a research institution).

Presentations from archaeology conference
The presentations from Web 2.0 and Beyond: New Tools for Archaeological Collaboration and Communication are now online.
French OA index on archaeology and early history
DAPHNE (Données en Archéologie, Préhistoire et Histoire sur le NEt - Data in Archeology, Prehistory and History on the NEt) is a new OA index of metadata, launched in November 2008.
OA dataset from archaeology textbook
The Quantitative Archaeology Wiki has posted the dataset from the textbook Digging Numbers by Mike Fletcher and Gary Lock, along with a tutorial of using the statistical software R to analyze the data. (OK, I already knew this one)