The STOA Consortium

The STOA Consortium is a blog-based web portal whose goal is “Serving news, projects, and links for digital classicists everywhere” as said in their mission statement. Stolen from their about page, they intend:

  • to foster a new style of refereed scholarly publications in the humanities not only of interest to specialists but also -- and just as importantly -- accessible by design and choice of medium to wide public audiences.
  • to develop and refine new models for scholarly collaboration via the internet.
  • to help insure the long-term interoperability and archival availability of electronic materials.
  • to support resolutions to copyright and other issues as they arise in the course of scholarly electronic publication.

It seems great, and because I just love back-linking, I put a link here so that everyone can come and see. Wait, these are not our goals, but we believe that such things are very important too and I’d like to thank people at STOA Consortium for their work.